#uniqueUA@bigmedia: outdoor photo-gallery of unique places of Ukraine appeared on the streets of Kyiv

In March 2019, on the streets of Kyiv appeared boards and mupies with the images of unique parts of Ukraine, which are truly impressive.

#uniqueUA@bigmedia - Unique Ukraine – this is the new outdoor art project, created by BigMedia company (BigBoard Ukraine / JCDecaux).

“We continue to search for a new forms and creative ideas in outdoor advertising – an informational media, which is an integral part of the modern city daily life and from which society expects visual aesthetics and quality content. To create the project #uniqueUA@bigmedia we were inspired by the photos of Ukrainian travelers and amateur photo artists. This is a beautiful project in which we want to show how much our country is incredible, unusual and diverse, to show places that have not been seen yet, which are still “undistorted” and retain their natural beauty and originality. Viaducts in Vorokhta, cosmic beauty of the Spytzi Mountains, the pearl of Zalishchiky or the fantastic landscape with oil pumping station in the Carpathians - Ukraine has a lot of places to travel and to discover, these photos really inspire, ” comments Elena Beskhlebnaya, director of BigMedia company.

The photo gallery #uniqueUA@bigmedia consists of works provided by the project partners - Ukrainian photo artists and the online guide karpaty.ua.


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A Radically Better Tomorrow: the Danish creative duo Hesselholdt & Mejlvang published a book featuring the first Ukrainian art project in ooh advertising "Points of Unity".

"A Radically Better Tomorrow" - this is the title of a new book by the Danish artistic duo Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Majlvang (Hesselholdt & Mejlvang), which was presented at the end of February 2019 in Copenhagen.

This is already the third book of the Hesselholdt & Mejlvang creative publications series, based on interviews recorded in September 2018. The artists themselves say that this is an "intimate" book that slightly opens the curtain of the creative process. It reflects their artistic vision and world outlook, and, focusing on sketches and ideas, shows the lively boiling energy of artistic process, which is usually hidden from public.

The key idea of the book is an interest to a person who lives in a complex political reality, and the idea of art as a material language that can influence and change the world. This is what stimulate and inspires the artistic duo. This idea unites all sections of the book and all art projects of artists with the one main meaning.

And one of the projects that clearly portrays this view of art and its main purpose, is the social project "Points of Unity", implemented by Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Majlvang together with BigMedia and Izolyatsia Cultural Initiative Platform in winter 2018 in Kyiv.

It was the “Points of Unity”, which combined the original artistic idea of Danish artists and the possibilities of modern outdoor advertising. It became the first outdoor art-object in Ukraine and reflected the idea that the art transferred to public space becomes not only an artistic work, but also a social statement that can influence, change and inspire, addressing society directly on the streets of cities, from usual billboards and mupies.

Sofie Hesselholdt and Vibeke Majlvang were particularly interested in this combination of outdoor advertising and art, in transformation of streets into a kind of gallery and advertising objects - into the means of social communication.

The "Points of Unity" philosophy were in the unity of diversity and the combination of opposites, which together create true beauty and strength. Hesselholdt & Mejlvang felt it was important to show and convey this idea as the most relevant for modern Ukrainian society. In the original idea of ​​Danish artists, the combination of two colors of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow, to the third, the green color - the color of life, hope and future - is extremely symbolic and together with the main message of the project - "Let’s look for points of Unity" - created a deeply philosophical art-object. It motivated to think about the most important things; about the world we want to live in, future we dream about and how much mutual understanding value.

As the project teaser, in Kyiv, the original watercolor paintings of Danish artists - a combination of yellow and blue together - were placed on the advertising constructions of BigMedia. The next stage - the disclosure of the essence and main messages of the project, took place in early February 2018 - in Kyiv appeared canvas with the text, as well as an official party-presentation with the participation of the authors of the idea.

For BigMedia, participation in the "Points of Unity" project has become a very interesting experience. Following the principles of social responsibility of business, this project has given an opportunity to focus on the importance of outdoor advertising’ social component, on its capabilities as a communication tool, presenting advertising media as an art-object and harmonious component of the modern city environment. And this proves that a conscious and responsible attitude towards one's professional activity, a creative approach and a socially important goal can indeed create a Radically Better Future.


Hesselholdt & Mejlvang - on Facebook:




Web-site: https://www.hesselholdt-mejlvang.dk/

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BigBoard Company dismantled a large-sized unipole at the Paton Bridge road junction - one of the largest advertising construction in Kiev

The leading outdoor operator, BigBoard Company (group BigBoard Ukraine/JCDecaux), carried out a uniquely complex procedure for dismantling one of the largest advertising structures in Kyiv - a three-sided rotating outdoor structure measuring 5*12 m (unipole), which was installed at the Paton Bridge road junction.

The leading outdoor operator, BigBoard Company (group BigBoard Ukraine/JCDecaux), carried out a uniquely complex procedure for dismantling one of the largest advertising structures in Kyiv - a three-sided rotating outdoor structure measuring 5*12 m (unipole), which was installed at the Paton Bridge road junction.

Unipole was located in the green zone. With the beginning of autumn and cold rainy weather, the land in the green zone became unsuitable for the smooth operation of heavy machinery involved in the process of dismantling such large-sized advertising structure as unipole. In order to install a crane weighing up to 150 tons, there were specially purchased and installed 16 concrete slabs, which strengthened the soil and created a reliable basis for labor-intensive dismantling procedure.

Unipole dismantling was carried out to fulfill the requirements of the schemes for placing outdoor advertising in Kyiv, adopted by the Order of the Kyiv City Council No. 1689 dated December 26, 2017.

It is worth to mention, that the unipole at the road junction of the Paton Bridge was, in its own way, a unique object of outdoor advertising – it was installed in 2002 and became the first advertising structure of such a large format in the city of Kyiv. In due time, this outdoor advertising structure provided completely new, innovative opportunities for advertisers, and also contributed to filling the revenue part of the city budget – just for the last 8 years the amount of paid rental payments has made about UAH 850 thousand.

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Lviv City Council noted the contribution of BigBoard Ukraine to the improvement of the city environment

On the occasion of the Day of businessman, the Lviv City Council awarded the BigBoard company (BigBoard Ukraine / JCDecaux), ooh provider, for a significant contribution to the development of the city and support of social initiatives.

Social projects for the improvement of the urban environment are one of the strategically important priorities for the BigBoard Ukraine group. First of all, we are talking about projects of modern street furniture - installation of public transport stop pavillions, information columns, kiosks and other constructions that form a comfortable urban environment.

In 2012, the BigBoard company installed the first 2 stop pavillionss of the european design near the building of the Ivan Franko Lviv University. In total, at the initial stage of the project, 7 stop pavillions and 7 informational columns were installed in the historic center of Lviv. Norman Foster - the legendary architect and guru of modern & comfortable urban space, did the design of the established public transport stop pavillions.

All the objects of street furniture installed by BigBoard are made under JCDecaux technology using high-quality and wear-resistant materials that have undergone anticorrosion treatment and ensure reliable functioning for many years to come. For the comfort of people, the pavilions are equipped with comfortable benches, tinted windows and charging for personal gadgets.

As part of the project, BigBoard company invests not only in the installation of the public transport stop pavilions, but also incurs the cost of daily maintenance and maintenance in proper form throughout the whole life-cycle of the object. For the city budget, the modern stop pavilions of Norman Foster are free. This practice of cooperation between the city and business was firstly proposed and implemented by the world leader of outdoor advertising JCDecaux, and today it works successfully all over the world - such objects of street furniture can be seen in Paris, Prague, Vienna, Madrid, New York and other world capitals.

To date, more than 60 public transport stop pavilions have been installed in Lviv using JCDecaux technology, in the future, this number is planned to reach 100 objects. Thus, more than 17% of the city's need for quality public transport stop pavilions will be covered by the efforts of one company, without attracting funds from the city budget.

BigBoard Ukraine has been successfully implementing projects of street furniture for more than six years in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov and the Dnieper. The company plans to develop this line of activity, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the city and business cooperation, and the modern understanding of outdoor advertising objects as an integral and organic component of a comfortable urban space.


#BigBoardMeetingPoint: Norman Foster's street furniture at ATLAS Weekend

On July 3-8, 2018, as a partner of the festival, BigMedia company (BigBoard Ukraine Group/JCDecaux) presented a modern line of street furniture at ATLAS Weekend - the largest music event in Eastern Europe, which is annually visited by hundreds of thousands spectators. To ensure that the guests of the festival could easily find each other and not to be lost in such a crowded event, a special platform was created (the “bus shelter” and information pavilion) - #BigBoardMeetingPoint - a comfortable and functional meeting place.

At the heart of modern urban development concepts, first and foremost, is the idea of ​​creating a comfortable space for life. The idea of ​​sociality and public services improvement is at the core of complex infrastructural and urbanistic projects, thanks to which modern cities become "smart", integrated people-oriented public spaces. Comfort is felt in details. Today, world-famous architects and designers work on creating beautiful, comfortable and technological elements of the urban environment - street furniture and outdoor advertising constructions - and its functionality is aimed at supporting a holistic and organic city space.

On July 3-8, 2018, as a partner of the festival, BigMedia company (BigBoard Ukraine Group/JCDecaux) presented a modern line of street furniture at ATLAS Weekend - the largest music event in Eastern Europe, which is annually visited by hundreds of thousands spectators. To ensure that the guests of the festival could easily find each other and not to be lost in such a crowded event, a special platform was created (the “bus shelter” and information pavilion) - #BigBoardMeetingPoint - a comfortable and functional meeting place.

#BigBoardMeetingPoint has become, in its own way, a unique location for the festival. The platform itself and all its components were created from street furniture (comfortable “bus shelter”, information panels) by the legendary British architect Norman Foster - a man, whose design has changed the face of many cities all over the world, from Paris to New York, and which is now represented in Ukraine - BigBoard Ukraine has been implementing street furniture projects for over six years in Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

During the festival, #BigBoardMeetingPoint became a really popular meeting place where people had possibility to relax, to charge a personal gadget and to have fun making pictures in a stylish photo zone. It is also important that visitors were pleased to learn that such street furniture and convenient bus shelters with charging for gadgets are already exist in Ukraine:

"I like to be here. Just recently, I’ve been in Prague, I saw such bus shelters there and, by the way, advertising posters in such a format look very organic, it's beautiful! I think, such small things makes Ukraine to look like a real European capital. It is pleasant to stay at such a bus shelter, and it is convenient that there is a charging for the phone and the glass is tinted - it protects from the sun quite good. And it is just cool!) "- says a young man, one of the visitors of the platform, while waiting for a meeting with the company of friends.

#BigBoardMeetingPoint and experience of direct communication with people at ATLAS Weekend, once again proved and demonstrated the advantages of a new approach to outdoor advertising, as to the integral part of a comfortable urban environment created for a person.

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On advertising boards in the Václav Havel Airport Prague firstly appeared messages in Ukrainian -so the international holding JCDecaux welcomed colleagues from BigBoard Ukraine in the capital of Czech Republic

On May 16-18, a big corporate team of BigBoard Ukraine (member of JCDecaux international holding company), spent three days in Prague, where 25 years ago, in 1993 the shareholders of the company first introduced an idea to bring outdoor advertising to the territory of post-Soviet Ukraine. The world OOH market leader JCDecaux, as the shareholder of BigBoard Ukarine, prepared a surprise for Ukrainian colleagues – the welcoming billboards with 25-th anniversary congratulations have greeted the BigBoard Ukraine team in the airport’s arrival hall. Also on May 16, in Prague, the solemn gala evening "BigBoard Awards - 25 Big Star Years" was held, in which the head of JCDecaux Jean-Francois Decaux, shareholders and employees of BigBoard Ukraine took part.

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The Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising told about current trends and the development of industry studies

On April 17, the Industry Committee for Outdoor Advertising (ICOA) held a press lunch dedicated to industry research and the main trends of OOH development in Ukraine and in the world.

Key speakers in the industry of the OOH were: the head of the ICOA and the director of BigBoard (BigBoard Ukraine group) Yuri Charukha, the director of Posterscope Ukraine Andrey Nikitich, the chairman of the technical committee of the ICOA and the head analyst of the "Prime Group" Igor Lazarev. As part of the press breakfast, the speakers talked about plans to improve the quality of research. In particular, since March, in Kyiv started the process of passenger flow recount. Also, OOH experts talked about the introduction of the audit system, which is carried out by the ICOA with the participation of international advertising holdings: Group M, Smart Media Systems, Optimum Media Ukraine, Posterscope Ukraine, Publicis, razom communications and major national operators: BigBoard Ukraine, Octagon Outdoor, Perekhid Outdor, Prime Group, RTM-UKRAINE.

The press-lunch was also attended by the leading experts in the field of OHH studies in Ukraine: the head of Fotomonitor Sergei Smolyar and the commercial director of Doors Consulting Yaroslav Todorenko. Sergei Smolyar presented the audience with a detailed picture of the capital traffic and told about the main principles and nuances of monitoring. Guests had the opportunity to get answers to the questions they were interested in.

Experts explained that such studies provide an understanding that the message will be conveyed to the potential buyer for specific measurable investments, which significantly increases the level of trust in OOH in relation to other channels of communications.

"The Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising was founded in 2010. The main goal was to popularize outdoor advertising research and to bring the market to a new level where monitoring and scoring can clearly plan the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in this media channel, achieving a balance of effectiveness and costs.

As then, and now, the tender for research was won by the Doors Consulting company - the only standardized OOH market researcher with sufficient experience, resources and knowledge. And, importantly, it has a huge comparative database and analytics gathered during 10 years of work in this field.

Studies of outdoor advertising are based on the measurements of passenger traffic, which are conducted with a certain regularity. Based on these measurements, transport models of cities are created. Over time, as a result of changes in the city's infrastructure, transport models are changing, passenger traffic needs to be recalculated in order not to lose relevance of the data.

This year, the ICOA has found an opportunity to finance the recalculation of passenger flows, moreover - to improve the accuracy of research, having introduced a new method of independent audit, which is carried out by market participants. Qualitative research is the main tool and the key to successful media planning, which OOH operators, advertising agencies and advertisers are directly interested in. Today we see interest and an urgent need for research. We look forward to the support of our colleagues and partners in the promotion of this tool," commented Yuri Charukha, head of the ICOA and director of BigBoard company.

The latest research data can be found on the website of the ICOA http://icoa.org.ua

BigBoard Ukraine celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company's foundation and OOH market in Ukraine

On the 11th of April, in the conference hall of the Hyatt Regency Kyiv hotel, took place the festive reception on the occasion of anniversary.

BigBoard Ukraine - the company that 25 years ago became the first OOH-operator in Ukraine, having laid the foundations of an absolutely new industry, on April 11 brought together colleagues and partners - all those who during these years with their work and talent created the modern industry of Ukrainian advertising to celebrate together a quarter of a century (!) of their lifework and the anniversary of the company's foundation.

On this evening, BigBoard Ukraine and founding shareholders of the company Askold Shestunov and Josef Onderka hospitably hosted the founders and top-managers of the leading advertising companies of Ukraine - OOH operators, advertising agencies, researchers, government officials and industry associations.

It was a warm evening of friendly communication, memories and true partnership!


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BigBoard Сompany (BigBoard Ukraine Group) supported the program of the Tourism Department of the Kiev State City Administration (KSCA) to improve the tourist attraction of Kiev and initiated the placement of maps of tourist navigation on 50 mupies in the

On Friday, April 13, the press center "Ukrainian News" hosted a press conference "Tourist Kiev: Promotion and Increase of the Internal Tourism Flow" with the participation of Anton Taranenko, Head of the Department of Tourism and Promotion of KSCA and Yuri Charukha, Director of BigBoard Company (BigBoard Ukraine Group).

Within the framework of the tourism development program, the KSCA Tourism Department initiated a number of on-line and off-line projects aimed at developing the tourist attractiveness of the city and increasing the domestic tourist flow. In particular, as was voiced by Mr. Taranenko during the press conference, according to sociological research, Ukrainians pay quite high attention to outdoor advertising objects, which, in this case, makes it an indispensable tool of communication "here and now". To improve the comfort of navigation in the capital, the Tourism Department installed 50 stalls with tourist maps of Kiev. The stalls are located in the historical center of Kiev and provide an information about the location, cultural and social facilities, tourist centers nearby, as well as the possibility of receiving online information via QR code.

BigBoard company (BigBoard Ukraine Group), as the leading outdoor advertising operator and a company dedicated to supporting social initiatives, became a partner of the project and, additionally, placed maps of tourist navigation on 50 mupies in the historical center of Kiev. All 50 BigBoard mupies with tourist maps are located in the most convenient and visible for pedestrians places, 70% of them are installed at public transport shelters.

Additional placement of tourist maps on 50 BigBoard mupies allowed to double the number of locations and density of placement, as well as to increase the frequency of contact, which is the most important aspect, in terms of improving the comfort of tourist navigation in the city.

In the nearest future, the Tourism Department of KSCA and BigBoard Company will sign an open Memorandum on further cooperation within the framework of social initiatives, to which other outdoor advertising operators can join.

Yuri Charukha, director of BigBoard Company: "BigBoard Ukraine has significant experience in successful implementation of social projects. Moreover, for our company, which is the member of the world holding company JCDecaux, the support of socially significant initiatives is one of the strategically important priorities. Outdoor advertising is a communication tool, first; this is a part of the modern urban environment, and the implementation of socially significant projects is a good European and world practice. So, in the company's asset, cooperation with USAID, a long-term partnership with the Search Service for Children, a project to improve road safety and projects aimed at the development and improvement of the urban environment, implemented in cooperation with the city authorities. To date, more than 600 initiatives have been implemented. Recently, together with Danish artists, we realized the first art project "Points of Unity", in which objects of outdoor advertising became objects of contemporary art.

We cooperate with the city and always open for interesting social initiatives. As part of the continuation of the project for the placement of tourist maps, we plan to install about 30-40 maps more on the existing advertising spaces of the company. Of course, our company bear all the costs of placing the maps (printing, installation, service). And we are open to further cooperation."

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Elected the new Chairman of the Board of the Industrial Committee for outdoor advertising of Ukraine

Yuriy Charukha, director of the BigBoard Company has been elected the new Chairman of the Board of the Industrial Committee for Outdoor Advertising of Ukraine (ICOA) for the year 2018.

Yuriy Charukha is a professional, expert in the communication industry with a long-term experience in the outdoor advertising market of Ukraine; being the one of the most active participants and initiators of the ICOA creation, he is going to chair the Committee Board not for the first time.

Yuriy Charukha, director of BigBoard, head of the ICOA: "The creation and implementation of common standards in the field of outdoor advertising, consolidation of the market and the formation of transparent conditions for its activities, as well as improving the quality of technologies and research tools will continue to be the main areas of ICOA activity in 2018."

# 3500lives: в Україні стартувала соціальна реклама безпеки на дорогах

Рынку ООН необходима перезагрузка

7 серпня опублікований звіт про першу діалогову зустріч «ООН 2.0: майбутнє галузі» «ПЛАТФОРМИ інтегрованих рішень для ринку ООН», яку ініціювала компанія BigBoard Ukraine, засновник ринку зовнішньої реклами в Україні.

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New street furniture to appear in Lviv

Over 30 public transport stops, designed by Norman Foster, will soon gracefully blend with the local charm of the streets of Lviv.

The total investments of BigBoard Ukraine Group into the project, including maintenance costs, amount to UAH 6 500 000. The installation costs amount to UAH 4 500 000. However, for the city and its people the initiative is free of charge.

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First bus shelter with Digital Signage

Entertainment uses a new form of communication with consumers.

At the BigBoard bus shelter in the centre of Kyiv. Citizens could view  trailer of animated movie "Zootropolis"  of Disney’s  studio. This digital-outdoor project was initiated by BigMedia (BigBoard Group) and Starcom (Publicis Group) for client B&H Film Distribution.